The primary function of the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution is to promote and protect human rights in accordance with the Constitution, the Human Rights Act and other legislation, international treaties and other international law. The national institution shall contribute to strengthening the implementation of human rights, in particular by:

a) monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation in Norway, including making recommendations to ensure that Norway's human rights obligations are fulfilled,

b) advising the Storting, the Government, the Sami parliament and other public bodies and private parties on the implementation of human rights,

c) disseminating information about human rights, including providing guidance to individuals about national and international complaints mechanisms,

d) promoting the teaching, education and research in human rights,

e) facilitating cooperation with relevant public bodies and other parties engaged in human rights work,

f) participating in international cooperation to promote and protect human rights.

The national institution shall not hear individual cases concerning violations of human rights.

Annual Report

The national institution shall submit an annual report to the Storting (Norwegian parliament) on the institution's activities and on developments in the human rights situation in Norway.