Norway’s National Human Rights Institution shall contribute to strengthening the implementation of human rights, in particular by:

  • monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation in Norway, including making recommendations to ensure that Norway's human rights obligations are fulfilled,
  • advising the Storting, the Government, the Sami parliament and other public bodies and private parties on the implementation of human rights,
  • participating in international cooperation to promote and protect human rights.

Great emphasis is given to comprehensive monitoring of all human rights in a systematic, independent and verifiable manner. This constitutes the institution's knowledge base for subsequent reporting on the human rights situation in Norway, and as point of departure for strategic priorities, recommendations and follow-up with the authorities.

In order to provide professional advice and recommendations of high quality there will be a need for further investigation and analysis of the human rights challenges. Advice and recommendations will be submitted to the relevant authorities and through the channels the national institution sees as appropriate to strengthen the implementation of human rights. Advisory opinions to various authorities, thematic reports and supplementary information to international monitoring bodies are examples of relevant channels.