Civil and political rights are: The right to life, prohibition of torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, prohibition of slavery and forced labour, protection from arbitrary detention, fair trial, prohibition of repeated prosecution, right to an effective remedy, requirement for a legal basis for punishment and prohibition of punishment retroactively, protection of private and family life, freedom of thought, religion and belief, freedom of opinion and expression, of assembly and freedom of association, freedom of movement, protection of property ownership, right to participation in public affairs and voting rights, right to a name, identity and citizenship.

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: The right to work and related rights, the right to an adequate standard of living, right to social security, right to health, right to education and cultural rights.

Minorities and indigenous peoples have special rights. There are also special rights for other groups such as children and women. The right to equality and non-discrimination is a special privilege that concerns the exercise of all other rights and freedoms. In addition, there are rights related to the environment and development.