Norway is obliged to submit periodic reports to international monitoring mechanisms on its implementation of human rights obligations. Before treaty bodies conduct their examination of a state, national actors, including national human rights institutions, ombudsmen and NGOs are invited to submit supplementary information through so-called "shadow reports". Such additional information raises the committees’ knowledge on the situation in Norway, thus contributing to relevant recommendations to Norwegian authorities. International reporting is therefore a priority activity for the national institution. Such reporting is a requirement according to the Paris Principles and may be said to be a defining feature of the institution's function as a bridge to the international level.

Norway’s NHRI participated at the hearing of Norway under the UN Convention on the elimination of Racial Discrimination, in August 2015 as a follow up of the supplementary report submitted by the former national institution. The institution aims to participate regularly in international hearings of Norway.

Inputs submitted in 2017:

  • CEDAW input to pre-session List of Issues (23 January 2017)