In Norway there are a multitude of institutions that are concerned with human rights issues. Different actors in civil society as well as government agencies conduct work on complementary and sometimes overlapping mandates and issues that affect human rights. It is therefore an expectation that the national institution will contribute to coordination, overview and systematization of human rights work in Norway.

Cooperation with different actors will take place in various ways, through various forums where some are formalized and permanent, while most are informal.

The main cooperation fora and networks include:

Advisory committee

NIMS Advisory Committee is a statutory body which formalises cooperation with various actors and individuals. The committee will provide information, advice and input to the work and activities of the national institution, and mentioned further here.

Ombudsman institutions

It is not a statutory requirement that the national institution cooperate with national ombudsman institutions, but it is natural to have close contact given partially overlapping mandates and tasks. The NHRI continues regular coordination meetings with the ombudsman institutions in mutual understanding with the Childrens Ombud, the Equality and Anti-discrimination ombud and the Parliamentary Ombudsman. Responsibility for calling such meetings is therefore done on a rotational basis.


Contacts and exchange of information with different actor take place through participation in and communication with different networks. Examples of such contact is the advisory committee of the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s prevention unit, the network of the Directorate of Immigration, the Forum for the Convention on the rights oif the child and the NGO Forum for Human Rights. In connection with work on specific topics, contact and cooperation is etablished with selected actors and resource persons.