A new Chair of the Board for the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution has been appointed by Parliament, effective as of 1 January 2017. We welcome Ms. Åsne Julsrud and look forward to working together.

From the Presidency’s proposed resolution:

The Presidency notes that the current Board hold the aforementioned competency requirements. The Presidency also notes that the National Human Rights Institution remains in its establishment phase and that a significant part of the institution's functions are of a legal nature in a complex field. Therefore, the Presidency sees the need for also the new Chairperson to have a high level of legal expertise in the area of human rights as well as the professional experience and personal qualities needed to execute the position of Chairperson with sufficient authority. The Presidency also believes that it is important to appoint a Chairperson who can receive support from a unanimous Parliament.

It is on this basis that the Presidency proposes that District Court Judge Åsne Julsrud, born in 1970, be elected as the new Chairperson of the Board of the National Human Rights Institution for the remainder of the current period, from 1 January 2017 to 30 June 2019. Julsrud is one of the 19 candidates who were publically nominated to this position.

By way of education, Åsne Julsrud is a graduate in law (cand.jur) from the University of Oslo and holds the degree Master of Law from the University of Southampton in Human Rights, Civil Liberties and International Law of the Sea. Her final thesis was entitled "The rights of the Sami people under International and Norwegian Law".

Julsrud has been a Judge at Oslo District Court since 2013 and at Drammen District Court for the period 2005 to 2013, interrupted by the assignment as secretary of the “22 of July Commission” in 2011-2012 (national investigative commission into the events of the terrorist attacks on said date in 2011). Julsrud has also been Assistant Judge, an adviser in the Ministry of Culture and the Norwegian Media Ownership Authority, Trainee Lawyer at the Kommuneadvokaten (Office of the Municipal Attorney) in Oslo and a research assistant at the then Institute for Human Rights.

Julsrud is the chairperson of the Norwegian Judges Association’s permanent human rights committee and is a member of ICJ Norway’s committee on the independence of lawyers and judges, an organisation where she previously served as a board member. She has also been a member of the Norwegian Bar Association’s human rights committee.