NIM’s presence at COP26

"COP26" i blå og grønn skrift over et bilde av Glasgow med en stilisert grafikk av jordkloden over.

Policy Director, Jenny Sandvig, Senior Advisor Pete Dawson, and Advisor Hannah Brænden will represent NIM as observers at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this week.

The goal of the attendance is to advocate national human rights institutions’ view in the debate about climate change during the summit. NIM will work towards highlighting human rights and climate to ensure the national delegates are conscious of their human rights obligations to prevent climate change and secure the right to life and health for present and future generations. To achieve this, NIM has several items on the agenda:

Letter from GHANHRI

The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Instituions (GHANRI), has cowritten a letter to the participating States that will be handed over during COP26. The goal of the handover is to increase the exposure of the NHRIs work and commitment on climate change issues.

Digital Symposium

GHANRI will also hold a digital symposium during COP26 where the overall aim is to provide a greater understanding of the climate regime to facilitate NHRIs work to promote and support human rights within climate policy and climate accountability. NIM, represented by Jenny Sandvig, will participate with a session on Thursday, November 11, 15:30–16:00 CET, about «Judicial Mechanisms and the National and European Courts»where we will share our work regarding the interventions to the Supreme Court of Norway and the European Court of Human Right in climate cases.

Read more about the COP26 Symposium here.

Panel Discussion in Cooperation with Bellona

NIM will also host the panel discussion «Fighting climate change through human rights law». The event takes place Wednesday November 3, at  Bellonas Pavilion in the Blue Zone at no. 63 in Hall 4 of the Scottish Event Campus between 15:00–16:00 GMT.

Read more about the event and participants in Bellonas programme here.

Additional activities

Jenn Sandvig will be a panelist in the talk «From Climate Justice to Climate Litigation». This is on Wednesday, November 3,  03.11 at the Benelux Pavillon in the Blue Zone, 18.15–19.30 GMT.

In addition , NIM will be present at a number of other events and be observers to the ongoing negotiations.

Contact NIM i Glasgow

If you need to get in touch with NIM in Glasgow, Policy Director Jenny Sandvig is available by phone 0047 993 73 602 or e-mail

Senior Advisor Pete Dawson is available by phone 0047 99 86 93 96 or e-mail

Advisor Hannah Cecilie Brænden is available by phone 0047 468 97 943 or e-mail