This is an online tool to help you track international human rights recommendations to Norway and the government ministries responsible for their follow-up.

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Ratification of other UN human rights treaties – CEDAW

Human rights body: CEDAWThemes: Equality and non-discriminationWorking conditionsPopulations of concern: Persons with an immigrant background and ethnic minoritiesReporting cycle: 2022-

Recommended measures (1)

Women with disabilities

Human rights body: CEDAWThemes: Access to healthcareEquality and non-discriminationHealth outcomes and experience in the healthcare systemUse of coercive measuresPopulations of concern: Persons with disabilitiesWomenReporting cycle: 2022-

Recommended measures (3)

Women in detention

Human rights body: CEDAWThemes: Access to healthcareEquality and non-discriminationMental healthTreatment of prisoners and prison facilitiesViolence against women, girls and partnersPopulations of concern: WomenReporting cycle: 2022-

Recommended measures (4)

Impacts of climate change on the rights of women

Human rights body: CEDAWThemes: Climate change and the environmentEquality and non-discriminationPopulations of concern: Sami/indigenous peoplesWomenReporting cycle: 2022-

Recommended measures (5)

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