Compilation of UN recommendations to Norway 2017-2020

Compilation of UN recommendations to Norway 2017-2020 (pdf) 3.65 MB
FNs hovedkontor for menneskerettigheter ligger i den sveitsiske byen Genève. Foto: ©UN Photo/Violaine Martin

The report has been updated with the latest recommendations up until march 2020.

In the period 2017–2020, Norway reported to all relevant UN treaty-bodies as well as the Human Rights Council. NIM is actively involved in the reporting ­processes through ­consultations with state institutions, ombudsman offices as well as civil society. NIM also submits supplementary reports and participates in the proceedings of the UN bodies. This compilation provides a systematised overview of recommendations to Norway from the UN human rights monitoring bodies in the period 2017–2020 and is part of NIM’s efforts to monitor and support the follow-up of international recommendations.